A Fresh Start

Hi everyone,

It has been quite sometime since last we spoke. I have quite the update for you; So much has happened. In the modus of change, I made a new blog. It’s a fresh start for me and I hope you can appreciate it as well. I look forward to seeing you all there.



New Blog: pensieveofmagic.wordpress.com/

My update: pensieveofmagic.wordpress.com/2015/02/03/rise-of-the-reborn/



A Chance to be one

Look for the moments where yourself shall arise. Move beyond the surrounding and allow the beautiful being that is you to arise. Rising, rising, ris..i..  – don’t lose it –  ….. ng…rising RISING, become you beautiful one. I wish not the appearance of any but you, such a beauty to see. A great being before me.  Like trees of oak or birds of flocks be you in oneness. Completely you. Yes ebb and yes flow but also be. Shining upon the pedestal, dance upon light and flow through those you love for I love you. We are attracted and shall find those of the same vine. A vine grown now coming into view. This world was not of past and not something the future can view for my very dear friend this world is always you –


Help One and another follows

Once your heart is open to helping others, another follows.  Is this another burden or another chance for you to spread love and or yourself, that is for you to decide. For me, for me at least it’s a chance to spread the love that was given to me and from the very depths of myself. I have received love from many as have you. Even though many times we may not realize it.  This love sometimes comes in the form of hatred or the action of help from another. Many times we mistake what we receive as some deeply thought out plot planned to take us down by any means necessary but many times, these actions are acts of kindness filtered through what we can call “self”. “Self” for the sake of this post would be how one experiences life and or manifest their love and many other emotionally, etc. driven actions. So try to rise above what you may be emotionally attached to right now and not understand but accept the opposing differences between yourself and the “problem” that you are facing;  find the good in this situation (sometimes the obstacles we face are there to launch us onto our very own yellow brick road). This beauty within yourself, the ability to do this – it is always there and will aid you in removing the filter of “self” that I speak of. Maybe this can truly bring you happiness. Maybe when you have gotten past it all,  maybe you will see when you help one another follows.

Horizon benefits

“Interstellar being, searching for a window” I think that may describe my reason for creating this blog,  you see  – I started this blog because I wanted a space I could just be myself on the web. Not that other sites were limiting me from this but every site these days seems to be geared towards one area of expertise and eve if they are open to more venues, it seems that  you have to be a specialist in one area. So I thought “hey, I’m Psychic, I’m an artist, but hey there’s a whole lot of other things I like food! Why should I be expected to just talk about one thing when I love so many things?!?!” So that’s how my baby with wordpress was born. My digital 128 bit encrypted connection, love for life 2 day old baby. So yeah that’s the story.

Now,You ask  “How do I expect to keep this all organized when I’m talking about different subjects?”. Well I answer you with this. In no way is life organized in its random explosions of beauty or its unexpected turn of events so why would you expect me to be organized? :) What I can give you is the things I find happiness in. I am a seeker, a psychic, an artist,  a healer, a geisha, and a teenager. I am female, I am a boy and I am a seeker of light and a being of happiness. I love food, I am beautiful and I can fly.

Now will you come with me, so we can touch the sky?

So yup, that pretty much sums it up (as Vague as it can possibly be). One day I may write about a psychic experience, another I may write about Harry Potter. Another day you may see my art and the next you may hear about the most amazing cookie I’ve ever eaten this side of the Atlantic. You can rest assured though that whatever I post, there will be some sort of happiness there, another shard of beauty that seems to gleam from life and ultimately shine upon your smile. <3

Join me?