About me

“Interstellar being, searching for a window” I think that may describe my reason for creating this blog,  you see  – I started this blog because I wanted a space I could just be myself on the web. Not that other sites were limiting me from this but every site these days seems to be geared towards one area of expertise and even if they are open to more venues, it seems that  you have to be a specialist in one area. So I thought “hey, I’m Psychic, I’m an artist, but hey there’s a whole lot of other things I like, like food! Why should I be expected to just talk about one thing when I love so many things?!?!”  So that’s how my baby with wordpress was born. My digital 128 bit encrypted connection, love for life 2 day old baby. So yeah that’s the story.

Now,You ask  ”How do I expect to keep this all organized when I’m talking about different subjects?”. Well I answer you with this. In no way is life organized in its random explosions of beauty or its unexpected turn of events so why would you expect me to be organized? :) What I can give you is the things I find happiness in. I am a seeker, a psychic, an artist,  a healer, a geisha, and a teenager. I am female, I am a boy and I am a seeker of light and a being of happiness. I love food, I am beautiful and I can fly.

Now will you come with me, so we can touch the sky?

So yup, that pretty much sums it up (as Vague as it can possibly be). One day I may write about a psychic experience, another I may write about Harry Potter. Another day you may see my art and the next you may hear about the most amazing cookie I’ve ever eaten this side of the Atlantic. You can rest assured though that whatever I post, there will be some sort of happiness there, another shard of beauty that seems to gleam from life and ultimately shine upon your smile. <3

Join me?


17 thoughts on “About me

  1. oh you are so wonderful! Thank you for liking my blog and I love yours as well:) You are exactly perfect in all of your vagueness and disorganizedness. haha. Who decides what is organized anyway? Isn’t it US? You have inspired me to start another blog of my own randomness. I love my blog now, but it sometimes feels more like a diary than a place to collect my beautiful fragments. May I ask you what kind of layout your blog is in? I’ve been wanting one like this where I can use more pictures…it’s so creative. The vibe of it FEELS so good…so light! What can I call you? I am Kari Marie:) I’m an interstellar LOVE being:) You can write me anytime you like at renassist@gmail.com
    Also, are you really a teenager? Not that it matters but WOW, it’s amazing. I am almost 30 years old and it took me until now to be as free as you.

    Thank you, thank you, much gratitude to you for BEing.:)

    1. Haha, It’s so great to hear from you and thank you so much for your kind words. They brighten up my day! You can call me Brandon by the way and feel free to email me too I’ll add you to my contact list.
      I’m also glad that my blog makes you feel good, is it the exact theme you wanted or just similar? If you just want something similar, what I did was make a clear intention of what I wanted and just allowed things to flow in to me. See where I suddenly ended up when I was looking for themes. I suddenly came upon this one and I love it.
      Its so great talking to someone like yourself. :) Its a great resonance of energy. I hope to hear from you soon!

      And yes I am a teenager(19)

  2. Hello. I stumbled upon this blog after a few clicks here and there and I just want to leave a footprint and make my presence known. I’ve read your first twentysomething posts and I found a kindred spirit in you (kind of). Many of the things you alluded to struck chords in me, especially from way back when I was younger, less urbanized, and finding the world quite wondrous like anything’s possible. i miss that version of myself and I’m glad that someone reminded me of it. You have a beautiful and blessed mind. Stay in that good place. Stay inspired and keep inspiring. I will be back. :-)

    1. It is amazing to hear that these parts of you are being rediscovered. I can only hope that you continue to rekindle your relationship with this part of yourself in a way that is comforting and enlightening to yourself :)

      Thank you so much for your kind words and please, continue to be inspired friend :)

  3. I stumbled here from the main WordPress page. Thanks for being you in this public-private way.

    I love this quote, “In no way is life organized in its random explosions of beauty or its unexpected turn of events so why would you expect me to be organized? :)”


  4. Hey, your photos here are so lovely. Some are nude but you still can make them look so awesome and not make them look like “trash porns”.


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