Gently listen; the rain falling upon leaves and paths and grassy walk ways. Losing your way is more than okay.

Gently and soothingly, listen listen listen   The wind blows and caresses you softly. Nature’s breath, let her speak to you, the winds lightly touching blowing your hair and touching your ear. Leaves fly past, letting go as the winds blow. Flying away and never to stray. All swaying and dancing to her emanating song, their song, your song

Let this happen today. Be the music. Be the birth  Become the colors. Let this all lift you and sing 


Be my friends, be

Upon beautiful streams and dove like seams, let this all be


breath in and out and love all that is part of this wonderful life and this wonderful dream

it may rain today friends but today is where love dreamed <3



Often we are kindred with another as this other is kindred with us. Whether these beings be earthbound or not. We find a special someone one and they may even have been there from the beginning (who is to say there was a beginning anyway?). These people, these beings of love; they are greatly beautiful in everything they do and boundless in there infinite energy of happiness. They are love; a reflection of the love that you exhibit and the love that continuously emanates from them. The you becomes us and the I becomes we

Sometimes we may glance away from this feeling and may feel that we have lost our way  – I say now  It is always there ~ together. You see neither of you resides singularly in either’s respective physical body. You are continuously together creating, love, living  being

In space, through light and being together we are together. maybe through touch of one’s fur, the brush of ones leg or the glance into each other’s eyes for that precise moment  you are together

So do not fret, this energy is here, love is abound and friends are near; You may feel the overwhelming love of jealousy or the boundless gratitude of insecurity; know my friends that we are all love and always together

so shift

Love my friend, let your love flow for you deserve this – you know as much as I that this is yours in moments of whispers believe in that which is

believe in us <3


I know now that these things that I knew from the beginning are true. The me, the you. A love so true. I believe in myself and all that I know is here with me now. Residing, living loving. Becoming.

I am me

Be who you are and let it be for this is the beauty I see

Love, love from rainbow to rainbow and tree to tree – let this all free

free to be me

a silver doe, a guiding light, it was you all along


guiding me, to me