Open here now   The awakening of a fawn so happy and proud. Take in what is and breath in this air. A force beyond that which you may know

Growing and seeing, seeing and believing. It is time for you to wake for my lantern is near.

Crossing the waters, a guiding flame. We shall see the shores of what glory came. Beautiful being of new and true, trust yourself and love you for you

Look under here and be over there the ebb and flow here, right here


Becoming trees, embracing life    This is where your change shall become the light




love link

Today, try and find the love in your life, follow this cord and link the love through all things that encompass you and beyond; find the love link

I am Love


I am here for you all, the ark of healing and compassion is abound. You are well and ready for all that is for you. This, this is the love that emanates from with yourself, from illuminated leaves and the moonlit night to dangling stars in sky’s tonight. Love is abound and ready for your hand. Join this love and together, we shall stand