Winds guiding flames to the Seas of Salty Dreams

Marry us together, to create salty steams


ebb & flow of merry foe

I love our streams of touch


to grasp, to whisper, to sigh, to sing

the feel of lavender in the spring


float, twirl, love, dance

together we see this beautiful trance



ebb, flow ~ to and fro

the connection of this land


fly by and feel free, as this sigh

drifting away from a heart


a healing, a beauty; an intrinsic soothing

together we feel our souls alive

together we live




In these stars I find you

with my eyes shut I find me


yet in between these presents, these instances, these moments ~ I find we


love, connection and stories abound I know we are present and here to be found


From one star to another, a confluence of being

We are the presence that has no meaning

We are love, we are light, we hold hands on this star lit night


The beauty, the bond ~ this is only the beginning


The friend I call love





The continued hope, a glimmering light

the love , the beauty, the friendship, the bond


Always believe my friends and never lose sight.

She shall come, at tomorrows morn   At your darkest hour, believe in everything that you can not conceive. This is beautiful faith abound ~  Take the next step and wake the cow. We shall meet beyond the threshold


My words may be short, and my visit may be fleeting though believe in this love my friend

for my presence is gleaming


Love is here, love is here, love is here






Often we are kindred with another as this other is kindred with us. Whether these beings be earthbound or not. We find a special someone one and they may even have been there from the beginning (who is to say there was a beginning anyway?). These people, these beings of love; they are greatly beautiful in everything they do and boundless in there infinite energy of happiness. They are love; a reflection of the love that you exhibit and the love that continuously emanates from them. The you becomes us and the I becomes we

Sometimes we may glance away from this feeling and may feel that we have lost our way  – I say now  It is always there ~ together. You see neither of you resides singularly in either’s respective physical body. You are continuously together creating, love, living  being

In space, through light and being together we are together. maybe through touch of one’s fur, the brush of ones leg or the glance into each other’s eyes for that precise moment  you are together

So do not fret, this energy is here, love is abound and friends are near; You may feel the overwhelming love of jealousy or the boundless gratitude of insecurity; know my friends that we are all love and always together

so shift

Love my friend, let your love flow for you deserve this – you know as much as I that this is yours in moments of whispers believe in that which is

believe in us <3

bird song

So last night after coming home from the beach with a friend and taking a nice long shower to rid ourselves of the salty goodness that remained on our skins, we rested up and then set out on a moonlit walk through the forest. I had been feeling weird for the past day or so, but I knew with my friend that I had an anchor of sorts.

So as we set out upon the lunar trail through the woods, I felt an amazing feeling of excitement and togetherness about the moment. As if we were being led towards something that we indeed had set as meeting a point for this very moment. Fear began to creep up upon us as the night grew darker and our willow friends ever taller. Looking into each others eyes, hearts beating and feet shifting; we took hold of each other’s hands and pressed onward. Towards the dark void that we knew we must cross.

Bats flew past and critters crept along, yet the deeper we got, the more beautiful we realized this fear to be. There was comfort in it, as if, as if it was no longer there

The beauty in facing fears gave way to the trust in a bond that could never be broken; one of  love, friendship and well something else

Next time you see fear waiting around the bend, greet her – she may just be trying to remind you of something of much more value; something that you may have asked her to show you yourself <3

Forest Doors

Hello everyone, just coming back from a long needed break and a little growing and transformation :)

I’d say that I’m still growing, it’s so beautiful that these absences can provide such perspective and new lust for life.  I’ve been taking yoga and tai chi and they have been wonderful. Currently I’m on the verge of moving, its really something I am looking forward to enthusiastically :)

This absence has brought somethings to light. In this hibernation of sorts, I have been reading Harry Potter again and have truly been absorbed in it. I have found one of the most beautiful things that I truly love in these works of art and that is the presence and the essence of love and friendship within all of us. Try with in this moment, to express love to a random being, you may be surprised <3


A passing glance, a steady step. Right there evasively yet so obviously there. A friend that can aid in the darkest of times and always so loving. Drifting along the veil, hold my hand so gently – like water.

this is a different

elusive as you are, always there. you may be a paradox to some but this thought is it your’s or mine?

the gentle nudge of your breathe proves that there is something beyond these opposing attributes of yourself. This may be the thing that makes you whole, or is it I?

tuned like a boy and his dragon

allow your leaves to fall upon this river forever my friend for these ripples you see they are infinity

you & me