Graze your finger tips,gently feeling the grooves; every print. Lightly and gently; calming, subtleties.

Trail this trail all the way to the palm.  the warmth of this singular area .     soothing and breath taking,             beauty. Here we find grooves again; deeper, elegant, human

following this trail, we arrive at the wrist. So flexible, agile. Vines of life trailing from it. An astounding construct of life. Leading,leading through this arm, this beautiful arm, the flow of life is stronger here;  inviting

Stop at the middle, press, feel enjoy your manifest of you. The warmth, the energy – another pool of energy has revealed itself.

Cleansing breathes, breathes      in        out        in                                                                                     out

we are closer

climb and fall to the threshold                                                                                                                                                                                     center


you have reached the beginning



now steadily, take your hand and ever so gently place your palm over boundless life, love

the heart

sshhh. . . shut your eyes

now interlocking you fingers, joining them. These arms become oak


eyes still shut


you are the heart, the heart is you                  there is nothing but heart

now;   inhale, exhale

holding these arms, this oak out in front of you.Fingers still interlocked, making a circle

inhale, exhale


remember you are the heart


eyes shut


now, taking all the energy you have gathered through this journey all that you have brought with you this far

Strong inhale

all this energy,  this life gathered in the uninhibited heart


gentle exhale

this energy – flowing down the arms; a mountains path

through vines of nurturing life

meeting, meeting                                                   meeting

creating pools of energy

slightly, turning the corners of your mouth upward.         smiling                     smiling                                              smiling

place both hands, tenderly over the heart, release                                                                                                                                               you are here

you are life

you are love

you are beautiful

you are







I see you

We see we

We are forever here, together. We are me, the I and the you, I thank you. My wings are here, in presence of us. Two act as one from one end to another. An eternal circle or light. Vibrate above. Eyes meet. The pools of a universe, our beacons called out for an echo of sorts.  Chakras meet chakras. Center meets center. Song meets song. Blissful song of the dancing rainbow. We have eliminated each other, made way for we as we met at the edge. A companion and a friend ~ still

two beings ever changing, creating perfect worlds


Open thy heart of blossoms and beauty. My heart is open for crying the lovely stream of existence. Beauty, love, beauty, love. The chakra is opening for all to see, all to seek. Seeking is seeing while seeing is green beauty. Ecstasy. It is here. Let yourself go. The heart chakra awakening, it is time to flow