Of beautiful vines

Truer than blue of the seas above the gleams of suns of gracious love


Illuminate life today with friends, smile dance til story’s end

Fly with seagulls and swim with song, being together above the starlit throng


A flow, a wave; At midnight’s cave

shut your eyes and trust in you for it is may


Be together and fly

Luminous together


Shooting stars and waterfalls

other planes and tasteful blends


enjoy life and dance together

the fun is here, maybe near a cat’s ear <3




The continued hope, a glimmering light

the love , the beauty, the friendship, the bond


Always believe my friends and never lose sight.

She shall come, at tomorrows morn   At your darkest hour, believe in everything that you can not conceive. This is beautiful faith abound ~  Take the next step and wake the cow. We shall meet beyond the threshold


My words may be short, and my visit may be fleeting though believe in this love my friend

for my presence is gleaming


Love is here, love is here, love is here





light hearted

A lighthearted being upon the night’s fall will always find their way home. Drifting and floating, yet not looking for morning no morning is involved in this luminescent being’s agenda; for she has no agenda to begin with. She laughs, she smiles, she pets every cow and every lily and every lake is beauty in her wake. Peaceful and true as the skys are blue, this very being that is being may just be, all that we call we




The ever pulsating orb. Deep within the hollow of being; a residence of light. Pulsing, pulsing – for ever calling; drawing, drawing – forever attracting.

A pull of great power, something of a lure. To move without action, to attract without baiting    Pulse

within within drawing within. Draw yourself within,  a paradox of sorts yet,  _________

Open Open Open,   glow . . .                 We are awakened now, the desire has arisen and the hum, the humming of my coming has begun

be still young one (so foolish to say, for you are young)

ssshhhhhh……. .. ..  . .    quiet

pulling, pulling, pulling back. Luna acts as a friend, she will care for you

she will reflect her face upon the great oceans even as the great winds disappear from the nights air

all is silence, there is no movement, no winds –                            only Luna   – beauty


gliding, gliding,         gliding


along the shores on this gloomy day. A golden dragon has appeared

A traveler seems to have met this dragon, eye to eye

an eternity passes

engulfed within each other the two are



a whisper is heard through the mountains





Become the shining light, be the consoling whisper between thoughts. Gently nudge yourself to where you want to be and open you eyes to new possibilities.  Maybe sleek, maybe thin, maybe even a place for Lin. Infinity is everywhere. Catch it upon the night’s air, maybe even as raindrops fall upon your derrière. With every breath expand you lungs, have fun. As a doe  innocence is not temporary for it always returns, quietly now lose all words. Let them drift away as an autumn’s breeze.  You are free

Silence. .    .     .                .                     .