The Beauty of an Alchemist

Who Says you don’t have the power to change your life right now, right here – with the flick of a wand, or in the wink of an eye – You can change your life and all the power to do so resides within. Believe in that spark and ask for guidance for you shall receive my friend, you shall receive <3

With each inhale and every step I trail, this is my life and it shall be mine


brush stroke

The power of creation lies within us all, a beautiful concept. A cradle of life, a base of everything.

A beautiful thing to just wish and it is done. To create is to reflect, to extend ones self. Maybe further or maybe even deeper into reality. Yet, what is this reality you may seek, or may observe or maybe even acknowledge, experience.

Going with the flow granting life, dancing upon the wind. Her dress would glide along the blades of grass, catching themselves between her toes. Tiny little check points, they would greet her skin along this path. Ever so full of life, guiding her to a great translucent batch of moving life. Grazing her foot along the back of this new sense of life, she giggled. Now floating among that which she called bliss, she would find a friend. She lived in it and it in her they were one and yet separate. Never too far from one another though, for finding a friend would be as simple as looking inward

Seamstress of the Sea

A seamstress of the sea, wouldn’t that be lovely to see? One being the creator of their own surroundings and everything working in such balance, such harmony –  everything working according to “plan”. Wouldn’t that be beautiful? Well the idea is not that far off. What if I were to say that you and I and that cat there on your lap aided in the creation of this beautiful sea that I speak of. A place full of wonder and magic, where happiness and mystery is abound. A place where we could never truly fully discover all of its secrets(or can we?). This is the sea you may live in at this very moment. Your ebb and flow, creating the ripples of these great waves, they may even call you Madame Luna if you catch my drift ;). I say my friend, what if you were the master of the sea, at the bow of your ship and taking your life; your universe, your world by storm(pun not intended but gladly welcomed)? The master of your own universe. Your own life molded just how you want. Living in the happiness that is you, a full oneness with the self . Would this not be beautiful. Your life changed with the mere exhalation of your breath, with the slightest nudge of your will – everything falling into place as gently as a descending feather. This is something that is very possible my friend. Completely possible, at this very moment. Just stop.. close your eyes..breath – bring yourself inward and become the Seamstress of the Sea.