Winds guiding flames to the Seas of Salty Dreams

Marry us together, to create salty steams


ebb & flow of merry foe

I love our streams of touch


to grasp, to whisper, to sigh, to sing

the feel of lavender in the spring


float, twirl, love, dance

together we see this beautiful trance



ebb, flow ~ to and fro

the connection of this land


fly by and feel free, as this sigh

drifting away from a heart


a healing, a beauty; an intrinsic soothing

together we feel our souls alive

together we live



I am Love


I am here for you all, the ark of healing and compassion is abound. You are well and ready for all that is for you. This, this is the love that emanates from with yourself, from illuminated leaves and the moonlit night to dangling stars in sky’s tonight. Love is abound and ready for your hand. Join this love and together, we shall stand




The lunar hook  serenity a watchful eye, a drawing lure, a fountain of loving energy

luna has come back for a visit tonight and she is most able, and tonight you shall greet her. Make sure you are well grounded

Proceeding into a meditative state & set the intention or even just begin to open

Allow the flow of healing energy to flow back down through the crown from above. Feeling the realigning impetus or force. Allow this to bring your inner planets into alignment. From closest to farthest of sister luna. All are the same, there is no such thing as distance.

Allow luna to guide your planets to the higher self, to the higher dimensions. to the higher vibratory frequencies.

Healing and reconstructing, continue this dance with luna, allow her to show you the way and light the path along the glistening ocean way. Giving way to an impetus. Send love to her. Slowly up turning the corners of you mouth, show her what you enjoy and how to work with you. She is here to guide you as much as you are for her.

Working together in an ever beautiful companion, either is happy for there is no difference between the two now. Now allow your spiritual goals to arise and light the path towards them. Know that luna shall show you the way, trust in her. Release all worry and know that they shall arrive


Now allow luna go return behind her veil, allow her to return to her and you to you, thank her and send waves of love along this path that she has shown you. She shall always return and know that when she does. Two friends, will laugh and sing of the joyous things they have created together


be happy


Graze your finger tips,gently feeling the grooves; every print. Lightly and gently; calming, subtleties.

Trail this trail all the way to the palm.  the warmth of this singular area .     soothing and breath taking,             beauty. Here we find grooves again; deeper, elegant, human

following this trail, we arrive at the wrist. So flexible, agile. Vines of life trailing from it. An astounding construct of life. Leading,leading through this arm, this beautiful arm, the flow of life is stronger here;  inviting

Stop at the middle, press, feel enjoy your manifest of you. The warmth, the energy – another pool of energy has revealed itself.

Cleansing breathes, breathes      in        out        in                                                                                     out

we are closer

climb and fall to the threshold                                                                                                                                                                                     center


you have reached the beginning



now steadily, take your hand and ever so gently place your palm over boundless life, love

the heart

sshhh. . . shut your eyes

now interlocking you fingers, joining them. These arms become oak


eyes still shut


you are the heart, the heart is you                  there is nothing but heart

now;   inhale, exhale

holding these arms, this oak out in front of you.Fingers still interlocked, making a circle

inhale, exhale


remember you are the heart


eyes shut


now, taking all the energy you have gathered through this journey all that you have brought with you this far

Strong inhale

all this energy,  this life gathered in the uninhibited heart


gentle exhale

this energy – flowing down the arms; a mountains path

through vines of nurturing life

meeting, meeting                                                   meeting

creating pools of energy

slightly, turning the corners of your mouth upward.         smiling                     smiling                                              smiling

place both hands, tenderly over the heart, release                                                                                                                                               you are here

you are life

you are love

you are beautiful

you are





Of a Healing Nature

Last night as the moon appeared on the shortest day of all, I began the practice that many know as healing. This is very much something dear to my heart and something that brings about such joy in me. The bliss and happiness that envelops myself. The only two words that can come close to describing this are beauty and love. But don’t think of these in duality, but in one wonderful sense where these two phrases would dance gloriously together breaking through all that would bind them. Two that can be considered polar opposites yet one in the same, pure. This wonderful energy is a being in it self, one that lies in the depths of us all. a being of a healing nature