Lately it seems as though I have been moving back inward, time to rekindle with myself in a sense. The wind chimes of my spirit are dancing in the wind of my presence.

It’s nice to rekindle with ourselves  when we have gone on vacation sort of speak. The laughing, the dancing and the enjoyment that can grow from these moments is just beautiful.

I have also noticed this in many others around me. Mother Earth seems to be up to her schemes again and to tell you the truth, I quite enjoy it <3 I love this break down of sorts. I feel I am being shown what is me and given a fresh new start.

The break down is quite beautiful and the bliss of letting go can be quite pleasing. Love shines upon all our faces at every moment. Just as the air flows every where and the sun gleams on everyone.

You are being given a chance to be, at every waking moment and at every starlit corner; You have a chance to be you, in this moment. So do not fret my friends ~ because right now you are free


Luminescent Letters

Hmmmm, Lately I have been receiving request for readings more frequently.  What I feel this maybe is a message, maybe somewhere aloft. The answers have been so near and now they come to me like tiny little birds searching for a twig :). This light it seems something I should follow and this simple curiosity – something beautiful.

Remember everyone, turn on your beacons and let the blessings come flowing in <3


The lunar hook  serenity a watchful eye, a drawing lure, a fountain of loving energy

luna has come back for a visit tonight and she is most able, and tonight you shall greet her. Make sure you are well grounded

Proceeding into a meditative state & set the intention or even just begin to open

Allow the flow of healing energy to flow back down through the crown from above. Feeling the realigning impetus or force. Allow this to bring your inner planets into alignment. From closest to farthest of sister luna. All are the same, there is no such thing as distance.

Allow luna to guide your planets to the higher self, to the higher dimensions. to the higher vibratory frequencies.

Healing and reconstructing, continue this dance with luna, allow her to show you the way and light the path along the glistening ocean way. Giving way to an impetus. Send love to her. Slowly up turning the corners of you mouth, show her what you enjoy and how to work with you. She is here to guide you as much as you are for her.

Working together in an ever beautiful companion, either is happy for there is no difference between the two now. Now allow your spiritual goals to arise and light the path towards them. Know that luna shall show you the way, trust in her. Release all worry and know that they shall arrive


Now allow luna go return behind her veil, allow her to return to her and you to you, thank her and send waves of love along this path that she has shown you. She shall always return and know that when she does. Two friends, will laugh and sing of the joyous things they have created together


be happy