I see you

We see we

We are forever here, together. We are me, the I and the you, I thank you. My wings are here, in presence of us. Two act as one from one end to another. An eternal circle or light. Vibrate above. Eyes meet. The pools of a universe, our beacons called out for an echo of sorts.  Chakras meet chakras. Center meets center. Song meets song. Blissful song of the dancing rainbow. We have eliminated each other, made way for we as we met at the edge. A companion and a friend ~ still

two beings ever changing, creating perfect worlds



Open thy heart of blossoms and beauty. My heart is open for crying the lovely stream of existence. Beauty, love, beauty, love. The chakra is opening for all to see, all to seek. Seeking is seeing while seeing is green beauty. Ecstasy. It is here. Let yourself go. The heart chakra awakening, it is time to flow