With my friend away on vacation, it was time to spend some quality time with myself. Many times when we are used to something, we are initially resistant in someway even if we may not know it exactly.

With the week ahead of me I planned to do nothing in particular; Reading books, paint, do some readings, explore. In this particular case though, I hadn’t found myself resistant. Though I did find it a sort of new area to venture. Imagine that, spending time with myself being “a new area to venture” :)



This all became relevant in yoga last night; We did our usual breathing techniques and revitalized ourselves with the surrounding air. The lights dimmed and feet no longer stirring we grounded ourselves. Finally after some standing asanas, my ears perked at the sound of the next pose we were to do; Virabhadrasana 3 or as many of you know it by; Warrior 3.

Always a striking and very interesting pose to me – I smiled, and for the first time surprisingly – no past memories of this pose came to mind. I was merely in the present moment, loving that I was enjoying my body, my existence; doing yoga.

One foot in front of the other, breathing our hands upward – we pushed our back feet off and took flight. Balancing on one leg sort of speak, I found solace. I was not attempting to balance, not attempting to keep both my hands and leg outstretched. I merely was. A luminescent being that was, well being – and happily


As all living beings, life evolves and changes, Just like us.  We may be afraid and may hold on to dear life, yet sometimes what we soon shall see is that this resistance is only a moment. A moment before an awakening – a moment before that which we may not have ever imaged will unfold and all of our wildest dreams can and will come true. We shall soon realize that we can just let this happen and go with the flow. Your fear may come from  your past and those who doubt you yet know that you are love and you are compassion. So my friends look past this veil and let this happen

Luminescent fawns of silent dawns, grace our sunlit ears with light. Sing of songs, that grace our eyes. Glide across lakes and skies.  Smile with us now for we are happy


Love Is here, love is now     light this path and take it


All Is Well

Like many this past weekend I attended the get together of a generation; Harry Potter’s Final Journey. I felt I had to read the last

book once again, I wanted to be in tune, with it all. The high moments, the sobs, the moments of fear; I wanted to be there with

Harry, until the very end.

There was something else though, something drawing me to finish this final book once again, to become enthralled with it, to be fully enveloped within this world that I know to be true, there was something . . .

I had finished the book and my friend and I were ready, we entered the went to the theater with much anticipation. There was something odd about it though, something that did not seem right – at least at the time – not that there was a lack of excitement but, hmm . . . there was a familiarity to this. We waited on line with everyone else and Tara suggested that she use the bathroom before it all started. I agreed and as she left I let my mind wander to nothing in particular , looking from poster to poster of the coming attractions. The line seemed long, good thing we got here when we did . . . I wonder if  she’ll be back before – oh!, the girl in front of me has nachos, am I hungry . . . maybe I should have . . .   And then I saw her, Tara. She was gliding gently from the restroom, everyone glancing over their shoulders. Our eyes met and we both smiled.    And I realized; this movie; this story

I know this story to be true to my self, to reflect so many areas of my life. Its amazing how this single story has done the same for so many and here I am, hesitant to allow this to be over.  Feeling that If I stay on this line and create things like bathroom breaks that it will slow down the process   Let this happen

We entered the large dark room and the cold air overtook us. We sat and the movie began

As the movie went on, we cried together, we laughed together, we cheered together. We were together – and then, it was time; As harry pulled his head out of the pensieve, so did we. Eyes were wet and sobs were heard all around us. We all knew what was to come, it was time to die.


Everything came down to this moment.  Harry, This story, this world – must “end”

Removing his cloak of invisibility, Harry welcomed death like an old friend.

A friend always lurking, keeping a watchful eye and waiting for the right time. Death was waiting and finally it was time. There was no battle, no struggle, only _________

Many times we fear what is to come, the end of an era, the end of a life or the end of something that is more elusive than that. Whether it means a horcrux, new adventures or those old jeans you really have to throw out, What matters is that we accept this in our own time. Welcome this, become this and know that it is okay, it may be scary but know – it is okay

Love, love everything and as Harry realized, when you finally meet your match this may actually just be the beginning of something that you never imagined




Forest Doors

Hello everyone, just coming back from a long needed break and a little growing and transformation :)

I’d say that I’m still growing, it’s so beautiful that these absences can provide such perspective and new lust for life.  I’ve been taking yoga and tai chi and they have been wonderful. Currently I’m on the verge of moving, its really something I am looking forward to enthusiastically :)

This absence has brought somethings to light. In this hibernation of sorts, I have been reading Harry Potter again and have truly been absorbed in it. I have found one of the most beautiful things that I truly love in these works of art and that is the presence and the essence of love and friendship within all of us. Try with in this moment, to express love to a random being, you may be surprised <3

Horizon benefits

“Interstellar being, searching for a window” I think that may describe my reason for creating this blog,  you see  – I started this blog because I wanted a space I could just be myself on the web. Not that other sites were limiting me from this but every site these days seems to be geared towards one area of expertise and eve if they are open to more venues, it seems that  you have to be a specialist in one area. So I thought “hey, I’m Psychic, I’m an artist, but hey there’s a whole lot of other things I like food! Why should I be expected to just talk about one thing when I love so many things?!?!” So that’s how my baby with wordpress was born. My digital 128 bit encrypted connection, love for life 2 day old baby. So yeah that’s the story.

Now,You ask  “How do I expect to keep this all organized when I’m talking about different subjects?”. Well I answer you with this. In no way is life organized in its random explosions of beauty or its unexpected turn of events so why would you expect me to be organized? :) What I can give you is the things I find happiness in. I am a seeker, a psychic, an artist,  a healer, a geisha, and a teenager. I am female, I am a boy and I am a seeker of light and a being of happiness. I love food, I am beautiful and I can fly.

Now will you come with me, so we can touch the sky?

So yup, that pretty much sums it up (as Vague as it can possibly be). One day I may write about a psychic experience, another I may write about Harry Potter. Another day you may see my art and the next you may hear about the most amazing cookie I’ve ever eaten this side of the Atlantic. You can rest assured though that whatever I post, there will be some sort of happiness there, another shard of beauty that seems to gleam from life and ultimately shine upon your smile. <3

Join me?