A Fresh Start

Hi everyone,

It has been quite sometime since last we spoke. I have quite the update for you; So much has happened. In the modus of change, I made a new blog. It’s a fresh start for me and I hope you can appreciate it as well. I look forward to seeing you all there.



New Blog: pensieveofmagic.wordpress.com/

My update: pensieveofmagic.wordpress.com/2015/02/03/rise-of-the-reborn/


Azure’s Love

by Steven Sites
Autumn leaves of midnight trees
I’m calling, calling for you
Crying and seering, seering and seeing
seeing and believing
Azure night skyies, the story in our eyes
singing of beautiful violet doe’s
My heart hear is bleeding, bleeding of its healing
the magical trance has endowed
Bleeding here, my heart ~ it tears
crying, crying for you
   Upon horse’s might, you’re coming here tonight. It’s sure of it, I’m sure
Bleeding here of my moon cycle‘s fair, I’m loving on for you
Touch me here, kiss me there
                        I hear her roar <3

Nature’s Calling

Each day, they speak of a new morning

In the shade of the nights overcast along

They dance and they sing with much presents to bring

Watchful and ever present, they prove to be effervescent

Riding along streams of wind and chimes of delight

They sing of a story, her magic, her might

The organic wind chimes, flapping happily above

The birds sing every morning, greeting a new world with love <3

She Lives In Me

Grasping upon branches
stepping upon stars
here I am led back from afar
breathe in
the impetus, the love
I have found this trail
a sign?
a dove
fragile and beautiful
simple and seamless
my hair drops down my shoulders
my mane, bewildered ~ eyes taking it in
a love unhindered
I’ve found me
here in the beautiful light
among the galaxies and nebulas
we have found me


Lately it seems as though I have been moving back inward, time to rekindle with myself in a sense. The wind chimes of my spirit are dancing in the wind of my presence.

It’s nice to rekindle with ourselves  when we have gone on vacation sort of speak. The laughing, the dancing and the enjoyment that can grow from these moments is just beautiful.

I have also noticed this in many others around me. Mother Earth seems to be up to her schemes again and to tell you the truth, I quite enjoy it <3 I love this break down of sorts. I feel I am being shown what is me and given a fresh new start.

The break down is quite beautiful and the bliss of letting go can be quite pleasing. Love shines upon all our faces at every moment. Just as the air flows every where and the sun gleams on everyone.

You are being given a chance to be, at every waking moment and at every starlit corner; You have a chance to be you, in this moment. So do not fret my friends ~ because right now you are free


Our worlds ever closer and our hands growing nearer

Hand in hand, closer together love shall guide us together

Changing and move    flowing and soothing  beautiful grace like that of a swan


Echoes   sshhhhhh be here be now experience this and love this,  take a bow

Gently shut your eyes and dance to the rhythm

trust in the movement and steadily flow


Deeper, deeper becoming one          at oneness and loving








Winds guiding flames to the Seas of Salty Dreams

Marry us together, to create salty steams


ebb & flow of merry foe

I love our streams of touch


to grasp, to whisper, to sigh, to sing

the feel of lavender in the spring


float, twirl, love, dance

together we see this beautiful trance



ebb, flow ~ to and fro

the connection of this land


fly by and feel free, as this sigh

drifting away from a heart


a healing, a beauty; an intrinsic soothing

together we feel our souls alive

together we live