A Fresh Start

Hi everyone,

It has been quite sometime since last we spoke. I have quite the update for you; So much has happened. In the modus of change, I made a new blog. It’s a fresh start for me and I hope you can appreciate it as well. I look forward to seeing you all there.



New Blog: pensieveofmagic.wordpress.com/

My update: pensieveofmagic.wordpress.com/2015/02/03/rise-of-the-reborn/



A Chance to be one

Look for the moments where yourself shall arise. Move beyond the surrounding and allow the beautiful being that is you to arise. Rising, rising, ris..i..  – don’t lose it –  ….. ng…rising RISING, become you beautiful one. I wish not the appearance of any but you, such a beauty to see. A great being before me.  Like trees of oak or birds of flocks be you in oneness. Completely you. Yes ebb and yes flow but also be. Shining upon the pedestal, dance upon light and flow through those you love for I love you. We are attracted and shall find those of the same vine. A vine grown now coming into view. This world was not of past and not something the future can view for my very dear friend this world is always you –