Beautiful Dreamer

Love yourself today, as if today were the month of may – love yourself today

Treat yourself how you would like to be treated, lavish yourself today. Attain all that you thought you could not have

Believe in what you will not allow your mind to conceive, gain a new perspective and run around in glee

Face your fears for you are boundless, a wonderful being   Guide yourself towards this light, the light inside your soul’s heart – the beautiful self that says we can

Love yourself today and say that I will grow, I will change upon this beautiful and dreamy lane. Love others, love trees and bees and mysteries of the self that is you and the key from you to me, be my friends I tell you be

Love yourself today so that in this moment you shall say I am me, nothing else for you to see


Be the moon, be the stars and grant your wishes friends, nurture your desires and satisfy you for today is when you shall


love and it shall be okay


repeat ~

I love my self today and I know I will be okay



Gently listen; the rain falling upon leaves and paths and grassy walk ways. Losing your way is more than okay.

Gently and soothingly, listen listen listen   The wind blows and caresses you softly. Nature’s breath, let her speak to you, the winds lightly touching blowing your hair and touching your ear. Leaves fly past, letting go as the winds blow. Flying away and never to stray. All swaying and dancing to her emanating song, their song, your song

Let this happen today. Be the music. Be the birth  Become the colors. Let this all lift you and sing 


Be my friends, be

Upon beautiful streams and dove like seams, let this all be


breath in and out and love all that is part of this wonderful life and this wonderful dream

it may rain today friends but today is where love dreamed <3


A passing glance, a steady step. Right there evasively yet so obviously there. A friend that can aid in the darkest of times and always so loving. Drifting along the veil, hold my hand so gently – like water.

this is a different

elusive as you are, always there. you may be a paradox to some but this thought is it your’s or mine?

the gentle nudge of your breathe proves that there is something beyond these opposing attributes of yourself. This may be the thing that makes you whole, or is it I?

tuned like a boy and his dragon

allow your leaves to fall upon this river forever my friend for these ripples you see they are infinity

you & me

Help One and another follows

Once your heart is open to helping others, another follows.  Is this another burden or another chance for you to spread love and or yourself, that is for you to decide. For me, for me at least it’s a chance to spread the love that was given to me and from the very depths of myself. I have received love from many as have you. Even though many times we may not realize it.  This love sometimes comes in the form of hatred or the action of help from another. Many times we mistake what we receive as some deeply thought out plot planned to take us down by any means necessary but many times, these actions are acts of kindness filtered through what we can call “self”. “Self” for the sake of this post would be how one experiences life and or manifest their love and many other emotionally, etc. driven actions. So try to rise above what you may be emotionally attached to right now and not understand but accept the opposing differences between yourself and the “problem” that you are facing;  find the good in this situation (sometimes the obstacles we face are there to launch us onto our very own yellow brick road). This beauty within yourself, the ability to do this – it is always there and will aid you in removing the filter of “self” that I speak of. Maybe this can truly bring you happiness. Maybe when you have gotten past it all,  maybe you will see when you help one another follows.