A passing glance, a steady step. Right there evasively yet so obviously there. A friend that can aid in the darkest of times and always so loving. Drifting along the veil, hold my hand so gently – like water.

this is a different

elusive as you are, always there. you may be a paradox to some but this thought is it your’s or mine?

the gentle nudge of your breathe proves that there is something beyond these opposing attributes of yourself. This may be the thing that makes you whole, or is it I?

tuned like a boy and his dragon

allow your leaves to fall upon this river forever my friend for these ripples you see they are infinity

you & me


Shone your Light through the darkness

Yesterday, as I laid there on the carpeted floor – I waited, drifting away, waiting for my friend at the entrance. She was  my guide through a door I had cracked open. A doorway that would lead me to a world I had once forgotten but soon would not longer yearn for – a world that would be mine again. :) And there she was –  sitting above my head – waiting for me to drift towards her. She did just as I asked of her and she was even more delighted than any could have imagined. You see this is my story for what happened to me yesterday afternoon. Another attempt at astral travel and every time I take another go at it, I get a little closer :). Before I know it, I will be travelling to places new and vast and others fairly familiar. It may  be scary but I know that once the door is open and even when it may seem closed my friends will be there to hold my hand, shining the light through the darkness.

Astral Projection

Today’s meditation, seemed a little harder to concentrate. Its seems that it has been like this through the past week. But I’ve been trying harder every day and Debra (Debra Lynne Katz, her books are awesome) always seems to help. The techniques are perfect in a way that they can be applied to any situation and easily malleable for every situation! Since I’ve been taking my abilities more seriously – my focus on the spiritual side of myself has taken over my life – which is a good thing :)

Among many abilities that seemed to be strengthened (clairvoyance, clairaudience, consciousness of more dreams, etc.) My communication with my spirit guide seems to have been strengthened ten fold, which is needless to say I am very happy about. I love her dearly.  Speaking of more awareness in my dreams though, I had a dream of my dear friend Tara and it seems that we were in contact together too. I believe we often see each other when we are not together <3. Among last nights events though, I have also achieved astral projecting (not that I haven’t done it before) and witnessing my physical body. I looked down at it, I touched it, I moved it and I even saw it yawn. :) This was one of the many accomplishments that I love about the world I live in.