Lately it seems as though I have been moving back inward, time to rekindle with myself in a sense. The wind chimes of my spirit are dancing in the wind of my presence.

It’s nice to rekindle with ourselves  when we have gone on vacation sort of speak. The laughing, the dancing and the enjoyment that can grow from these moments is just beautiful.

I have also noticed this in many others around me. Mother Earth seems to be up to her schemes again and to tell you the truth, I quite enjoy it <3 I love this break down of sorts. I feel I am being shown what is me and given a fresh new start.

The break down is quite beautiful and the bliss of letting go can be quite pleasing. Love shines upon all our faces at every moment. Just as the air flows every where and the sun gleams on everyone.

You are being given a chance to be, at every waking moment and at every starlit corner; You have a chance to be you, in this moment. So do not fret my friends ~ because right now you are free



Our worlds ever closer and our hands growing nearer

Hand in hand, closer together love shall guide us together

Changing and move    flowing and soothing  beautiful grace like that of a swan


Echoes   sshhhhhh be here be now experience this and love this,  take a bow

Gently shut your eyes and dance to the rhythm

trust in the movement and steadily flow


Deeper, deeper becoming one          at oneness and loving








Winds guiding flames to the Seas of Salty Dreams

Marry us together, to create salty steams


ebb & flow of merry foe

I love our streams of touch


to grasp, to whisper, to sigh, to sing

the feel of lavender in the spring


float, twirl, love, dance

together we see this beautiful trance



ebb, flow ~ to and fro

the connection of this land


fly by and feel free, as this sigh

drifting away from a heart


a healing, a beauty; an intrinsic soothing

together we feel our souls alive

together we live



Gently listen; the rain falling upon leaves and paths and grassy walk ways. Losing your way is more than okay.

Gently and soothingly, listen listen listen   The wind blows and caresses you softly. Nature’s breath, let her speak to you, the winds lightly touching blowing your hair and touching your ear. Leaves fly past, letting go as the winds blow. Flying away and never to stray. All swaying and dancing to her emanating song, their song, your song

Let this happen today. Be the music. Be the birth  Become the colors. Let this all lift you and sing 


Be my friends, be

Upon beautiful streams and dove like seams, let this all be


breath in and out and love all that is part of this wonderful life and this wonderful dream

it may rain today friends but today is where love dreamed <3


Often we are kindred with another as this other is kindred with us. Whether these beings be earthbound or not. We find a special someone one and they may even have been there from the beginning (who is to say there was a beginning anyway?). These people, these beings of love; they are greatly beautiful in everything they do and boundless in there infinite energy of happiness. They are love; a reflection of the love that you exhibit and the love that continuously emanates from them. The you becomes us and the I becomes we

Sometimes we may glance away from this feeling and may feel that we have lost our way  – I say now  It is always there ~ together. You see neither of you resides singularly in either’s respective physical body. You are continuously together creating, love, living  being

In space, through light and being together we are together. maybe through touch of one’s fur, the brush of ones leg or the glance into each other’s eyes for that precise moment  you are together

So do not fret, this energy is here, love is abound and friends are near; You may feel the overwhelming love of jealousy or the boundless gratitude of insecurity; know my friends that we are all love and always together

so shift

Love my friend, let your love flow for you deserve this – you know as much as I that this is yours in moments of whispers believe in that which is

believe in us <3

allowing the energies to flow

Today in tia chi; as I allowed the energy to push and pull at my wills content, I found it very soothing to let the energy do the work instead of physically exerting my body to do what I wanted. This is something that rings beautiful with myself and chimes like the beauty of a rainbow through a mountainous valley.

This flows gently into and reflects my life upon a beautiful water like existence; Lately I have been enjoying the energy of life, the beautiful love that is with us all and the enjoyment of merely being ourselves. I find this beauty most breathtaking and most energizing within itself; A wellspring of luminescent happiness. I glide upon this  happiness through all of my life. Try smiling at all that may worry and watch as you soar while you allow the energies to guide you more :) Maybe allowing the energies to flo

brush stroke

The power of creation lies within us all, a beautiful concept. A cradle of life, a base of everything.

A beautiful thing to just wish and it is done. To create is to reflect, to extend ones self. Maybe further or maybe even deeper into reality. Yet, what is this reality you may seek, or may observe or maybe even acknowledge, experience.

Going with the flow granting life, dancing upon the wind. Her dress would glide along the blades of grass, catching themselves between her toes. Tiny little check points, they would greet her skin along this path. Ever so full of life, guiding her to a great translucent batch of moving life. Grazing her foot along the back of this new sense of life, she giggled. Now floating among that which she called bliss, she would find a friend. She lived in it and it in her they were one and yet separate. Never too far from one another though, for finding a friend would be as simple as looking inward

Gliding in Red

Tonight In tai chi, we finally began using the traditional fans. I was so excited and it seems to come more naturally after practicing the 24 movements. We began fist practicing opening and closing the fans and  with some focus I began to get it. I love the feel of popping it open then close :).

I felt very cool in a sense, yet more so that this fan was a reflection of a part of me. As if I had been waiting for this instrument so I can channel this part of myself through it. I guess you can call this my feminine energy. I just love fans!

The practice of this acted as a bridge to myself. My feminine energy that I so love to be in contact with. Like gliding on the wind, we flew with our fans. Truer and truer we grew with each twirl. Balancing ourselves back to square one – oh how I love life so

Now I see myself smiling every time I see a fan. My mouth making an arc as it glows with gleam. The beauty emanate the light of ones beauty, a natural flow