into the formless

Stepping stones of grace

Walking here
The immersion, the breath
inhale, exhale
Stepping upon stones of grace
Walking into the unknown
Reaching out a hand
Stepping forward
Beacons light


Lately it seems as though I have been moving back inward, time to rekindle with myself in a sense. The wind chimes of my spirit are dancing in the wind of my presence.

It’s nice to rekindle with ourselves  when we have gone on vacation sort of speak. The laughing, the dancing and the enjoyment that can grow from these moments is just beautiful.

I have also noticed this in many others around me. Mother Earth seems to be up to her schemes again and to tell you the truth, I quite enjoy it <3 I love this break down of sorts. I feel I am being shown what is me and given a fresh new start.

The break down is quite beautiful and the bliss of letting go can be quite pleasing. Love shines upon all our faces at every moment. Just as the air flows every where and the sun gleams on everyone.

You are being given a chance to be, at every waking moment and at every starlit corner; You have a chance to be you, in this moment. So do not fret my friends ~ because right now you are free


With my friend away on vacation, it was time to spend some quality time with myself. Many times when we are used to something, we are initially resistant in someway even if we may not know it exactly.

With the week ahead of me I planned to do nothing in particular; Reading books, paint, do some readings, explore. In this particular case though, I hadn’t found myself resistant. Though I did find it a sort of new area to venture. Imagine that, spending time with myself being “a new area to venture” :)



This all became relevant in yoga last night; We did our usual breathing techniques and revitalized ourselves with the surrounding air. The lights dimmed and feet no longer stirring we grounded ourselves. Finally after some standing asanas, my ears perked at the sound of the next pose we were to do; Virabhadrasana 3 or as many of you know it by; Warrior 3.

Always a striking and very interesting pose to me – I smiled, and for the first time surprisingly – no past memories of this pose came to mind. I was merely in the present moment, loving that I was enjoying my body, my existence; doing yoga.

One foot in front of the other, breathing our hands upward – we pushed our back feet off and took flight. Balancing on one leg sort of speak, I found solace. I was not attempting to balance, not attempting to keep both my hands and leg outstretched. I merely was. A luminescent being that was, well being – and happily


As all living beings, life evolves and changes, Just like us.  We may be afraid and may hold on to dear life, yet sometimes what we soon shall see is that this resistance is only a moment. A moment before an awakening – a moment before that which we may not have ever imaged will unfold and all of our wildest dreams can and will come true. We shall soon realize that we can just let this happen and go with the flow. Your fear may come from  your past and those who doubt you yet know that you are love and you are compassion. So my friends look past this veil and let this happen

Luminescent fawns of silent dawns, grace our sunlit ears with light. Sing of songs, that grace our eyes. Glide across lakes and skies.  Smile with us now for we are happy


Love Is here, love is now     light this path and take it


Open here now   The awakening of a fawn so happy and proud. Take in what is and breath in this air. A force beyond that which you may know

Growing and seeing, seeing and believing. It is time for you to wake for my lantern is near.

Crossing the waters, a guiding flame. We shall see the shores of what glory came. Beautiful being of new and true, trust yourself and love you for you

Look under here and be over there the ebb and flow here, right here


Becoming trees, embracing life    This is where your change shall become the light



light hearted

A lighthearted being upon the night’s fall will always find their way home. Drifting and floating, yet not looking for morning no morning is involved in this luminescent being’s agenda; for she has no agenda to begin with. She laughs, she smiles, she pets every cow and every lily and every lake is beauty in her wake. Peaceful and true as the skys are blue, this very being that is being may just be, all that we call we



Forest Doors

Hello everyone, just coming back from a long needed break and a little growing and transformation :)

I’d say that I’m still growing, it’s so beautiful that these absences can provide such perspective and new lust for life.  I’ve been taking yoga and tai chi and they have been wonderful. Currently I’m on the verge of moving, its really something I am looking forward to enthusiastically :)

This absence has brought somethings to light. In this hibernation of sorts, I have been reading Harry Potter again and have truly been absorbed in it. I have found one of the most beautiful things that I truly love in these works of art and that is the presence and the essence of love and friendship within all of us. Try with in this moment, to express love to a random being, you may be surprised <3