Simple hiss of the tongue

gliding of the hands and drifting of the wind


dance through blissful freedom

an air, a peace, a happiness , beauty


creation, beautiful, luminous, painting

presence, excitement


a heartfelt caring

ebb       flow





elegance in presence


embrace together







Open here now   The awakening of a fawn so happy and proud. Take in what is and breath in this air. A force beyond that which you may know

Growing and seeing, seeing and believing. It is time for you to wake for my lantern is near.

Crossing the waters, a guiding flame. We shall see the shores of what glory came. Beautiful being of new and true, trust yourself and love you for you

Look under here and be over there the ebb and flow here, right here


Becoming trees, embracing life    This is where your change shall become the light



Luminescent Letters

Hmmmm, Lately I have been receiving request for readings more frequently.  What I feel this maybe is a message, maybe somewhere aloft. The answers have been so near and now they come to me like tiny little birds searching for a twig :). This light it seems something I should follow and this simple curiosity – something beautiful.

Remember everyone, turn on your beacons and let the blessings come flowing in <3

brush stroke

The power of creation lies within us all, a beautiful concept. A cradle of life, a base of everything.

A beautiful thing to just wish and it is done. To create is to reflect, to extend ones self. Maybe further or maybe even deeper into reality. Yet, what is this reality you may seek, or may observe or maybe even acknowledge, experience.

Going with the flow granting life, dancing upon the wind. Her dress would glide along the blades of grass, catching themselves between her toes. Tiny little check points, they would greet her skin along this path. Ever so full of life, guiding her to a great translucent batch of moving life. Grazing her foot along the back of this new sense of life, she giggled. Now floating among that which she called bliss, she would find a friend. She lived in it and it in her they were one and yet separate. Never too far from one another though, for finding a friend would be as simple as looking inward

Of a Healing Nature

Last night as the moon appeared on the shortest day of all, I began the practice that many know as healing. This is very much something dear to my heart and something that brings about such joy in me. The bliss and happiness that envelops myself. The only two words that can come close to describing this are beauty and love. But don’t think of these in duality, but in one wonderful sense where these two phrases would dance gloriously together breaking through all that would bind them. Two that can be considered polar opposites yet one in the same, pure. This wonderful energy is a being in it self, one that lies in the depths of us all. a being of a healing nature

Horizon benefits

“Interstellar being, searching for a window” I think that may describe my reason for creating this blog,  you see  – I started this blog because I wanted a space I could just be myself on the web. Not that other sites were limiting me from this but every site these days seems to be geared towards one area of expertise and eve if they are open to more venues, it seems that  you have to be a specialist in one area. So I thought “hey, I’m Psychic, I’m an artist, but hey there’s a whole lot of other things I like food! Why should I be expected to just talk about one thing when I love so many things?!?!” So that’s how my baby with wordpress was born. My digital 128 bit encrypted connection, love for life 2 day old baby. So yeah that’s the story.

Now,You ask  “How do I expect to keep this all organized when I’m talking about different subjects?”. Well I answer you with this. In no way is life organized in its random explosions of beauty or its unexpected turn of events so why would you expect me to be organized? :) What I can give you is the things I find happiness in. I am a seeker, a psychic, an artist,  a healer, a geisha, and a teenager. I am female, I am a boy and I am a seeker of light and a being of happiness. I love food, I am beautiful and I can fly.

Now will you come with me, so we can touch the sky?

So yup, that pretty much sums it up (as Vague as it can possibly be). One day I may write about a psychic experience, another I may write about Harry Potter. Another day you may see my art and the next you may hear about the most amazing cookie I’ve ever eaten this side of the Atlantic. You can rest assured though that whatever I post, there will be some sort of happiness there, another shard of beauty that seems to gleam from life and ultimately shine upon your smile. <3

Join me?

Astral Projection

Today’s meditation, seemed a little harder to concentrate. Its seems that it has been like this through the past week. But I’ve been trying harder every day and Debra (Debra Lynne Katz, her books are awesome) always seems to help. The techniques are perfect in a way that they can be applied to any situation and easily malleable for every situation! Since I’ve been taking my abilities more seriously – my focus on the spiritual side of myself has taken over my life – which is a good thing :)

Among many abilities that seemed to be strengthened (clairvoyance, clairaudience, consciousness of more dreams, etc.) My communication with my spirit guide seems to have been strengthened ten fold, which is needless to say I am very happy about. I love her dearly.  Speaking of more awareness in my dreams though, I had a dream of my dear friend Tara and it seems that we were in contact together too. I believe we often see each other when we are not together <3. Among last nights events though, I have also achieved astral projecting (not that I haven’t done it before) and witnessing my physical body. I looked down at it, I touched it, I moved it and I even saw it yawn. :) This was one of the many accomplishments that I love about the world I live in.