Azure’s Love

by Steven Sites
Autumn leaves of midnight trees
I’m calling, calling for you
Crying and seering, seering and seeing
seeing and believing
Azure night skyies, the story in our eyes
singing of beautiful violet doe’s
My heart hear is bleeding, bleeding of its healing
the magical trance has endowed
Bleeding here, my heart ~ it tears
crying, crying for you
   Upon horse’s might, you’re coming here tonight. It’s sure of it, I’m sure
Bleeding here of my moon cycle‘s fair, I’m loving on for you
Touch me here, kiss me there
                        I hear her roar <3


Our worlds ever closer and our hands growing nearer

Hand in hand, closer together love shall guide us together

Changing and move    flowing and soothing  beautiful grace like that of a swan


Echoes   sshhhhhh be here be now experience this and love this,  take a bow

Gently shut your eyes and dance to the rhythm

trust in the movement and steadily flow


Deeper, deeper becoming one          at oneness and loving








Winds guiding flames to the Seas of Salty Dreams

Marry us together, to create salty steams


ebb & flow of merry foe

I love our streams of touch


to grasp, to whisper, to sigh, to sing

the feel of lavender in the spring


float, twirl, love, dance

together we see this beautiful trance



ebb, flow ~ to and fro

the connection of this land


fly by and feel free, as this sigh

drifting away from a heart


a healing, a beauty; an intrinsic soothing

together we feel our souls alive

together we live



A world of your own

A world so new

This place is boundless

This place is you


Such freedom

Such Love

Envelop yourself

A story from above


A beauty from within

A whimsical balance

the doves are here

the deer are near


be you today

and our love

shall forever stay


In these stars I find you

with my eyes shut I find me


yet in between these presents, these instances, these moments ~ I find we


love, connection and stories abound I know we are present and here to be found


From one star to another, a confluence of being

We are the presence that has no meaning

We are love, we are light, we hold hands on this star lit night


The beauty, the bond ~ this is only the beginning


The friend I call love



water silk

Sing of songs of happiness and love. Swing in joys of blissful sadness and dance in this colorful rainbow of life. Bask in existence and play in the splash of rain after the drought of years past. Play together we are happy and glowing, being together in this blissful change


Release all from your past and allow your self to be you in your entirety. Here and now this amazing cow shall graze these grassy hills tonight bringing friends and mornings might. Beautiful friends, tomorrows arc ~ This is the beautiful love of oceans love


Fish together, flowing in currents and striding in the waves, they flow together and act as one yet there is no number only being and  ________


an impetus


live my friends live and make most of your moments for this is the time of blissful change and beautiful creation beauty is here and being is you for today you shall love and love shall become new





A welcoming hand, fears creep in, confusion rising. The tides are here and feet are shifting.

Breathing, we resist and let go, the flow. accept this, for it is you. Friends welcoming us to follow through, though have they forgotten their lantern or have they learned their route? Taught so well, you have given them the sign. “guide me” the souls says as the body turns way


Friends of love and friends of compassion sent from the veil and calling us, hail. Hail us here, hail us now. we may fear the threshold yet we love the darkness. Comfort and freedom There is no right and there is no wrong merely let this happen and see this through. It may seem far yet your eyes are covered. Embrace fears hold for she is with you through and through loving and caring she shall bless you with change and freedom, wit and self freedom; she guides


Into the blues we fight, this love of us is here and now, gain this love of being free, having no hold on the next moment – only this one my friends. We face this, we love this, we release this, we pass this – we be


Let you become you and this will be

For wisdom is of the moving and flowing beautiful body


Hands dropping to your sides, love encompasses you, a new world has opened and whimsical __________ is abound <3

Love and be free for we are meant to be




Beautiful Dreamer

Love yourself today, as if today were the month of may – love yourself today

Treat yourself how you would like to be treated, lavish yourself today. Attain all that you thought you could not have

Believe in what you will not allow your mind to conceive, gain a new perspective and run around in glee

Face your fears for you are boundless, a wonderful being   Guide yourself towards this light, the light inside your soul’s heart – the beautiful self that says we can

Love yourself today and say that I will grow, I will change upon this beautiful and dreamy lane. Love others, love trees and bees and mysteries of the self that is you and the key from you to me, be my friends I tell you be

Love yourself today so that in this moment you shall say I am me, nothing else for you to see


Be the moon, be the stars and grant your wishes friends, nurture your desires and satisfy you for today is when you shall


love and it shall be okay


repeat ~

I love my self today and I know I will be okay


Vanish now, within self. Accept you for you are your surroundings. Enjoy taste and breath in what is you. Refresh with that is and love all of it. Appreciate your being here and glimpse at what you may be. Highlight what excites and express what lingers here.

Engulf all that is you for you is all that I see and you is all that you ought to be