Simple hiss of the tongue

gliding of the hands and drifting of the wind


dance through blissful freedom

an air, a peace, a happiness , beauty


creation, beautiful, luminous, painting

presence, excitement


a heartfelt caring

ebb       flow





elegance in presence


embrace together







A world of your own

A world so new

This place is boundless

This place is you


Such freedom

Such Love

Envelop yourself

A story from above


A beauty from within

A whimsical balance

the doves are here

the deer are near


be you today

and our love

shall forever stay


Of beautiful vines

Truer than blue of the seas above the gleams of suns of gracious love


Illuminate life today with friends, smile dance til story’s end

Fly with seagulls and swim with song, being together above the starlit throng


A flow, a wave; At midnight’s cave

shut your eyes and trust in you for it is may


Be together and fly

Luminous together


Shooting stars and waterfalls

other planes and tasteful blends


enjoy life and dance together

the fun is here, maybe near a cat’s ear <3


In these stars I find you

with my eyes shut I find me


yet in between these presents, these instances, these moments ~ I find we


love, connection and stories abound I know we are present and here to be found


From one star to another, a confluence of being

We are the presence that has no meaning

We are love, we are light, we hold hands on this star lit night


The beauty, the bond ~ this is only the beginning


The friend I call love





The continued hope, a glimmering light

the love , the beauty, the friendship, the bond


Always believe my friends and never lose sight.

She shall come, at tomorrows morn   At your darkest hour, believe in everything that you can not conceive. This is beautiful faith abound ~  Take the next step and wake the cow. We shall meet beyond the threshold


My words may be short, and my visit may be fleeting though believe in this love my friend

for my presence is gleaming


Love is here, love is here, love is here





Fortunes Untold

Right now, in this present moment – Check back in with yourself. Gently closing your eyes; breathing – where are you? Let the answers arise (you may be surprised).

How do you feel, how does this feel. Gathering your breath, continue to breathe. Gather yourself back into your body. With love and compassion welcome yourself back and postulate that you shall pay more attention to yourself.  Care for yourself, indulge, enjoy

Let songs of love and happiness sing out with every breath. As you breathe in, take in  nutritious light ~ becoming luminescent


Repeat to yourself ~

Today I shall be me, 100% me

Today shall take care of myself, Care for myself

Love Myself

Enjoy Myself


Today, I forgive myself & Accept myself


Today I love myself beyond all measure and

I have Gratitude for the life I have created


Now wait here, with eyes shut let all the colors of the loving universe wash over you and make you new and whole again

You are beautiful beyond measure and once again filled with your own energy ~ You are loved



Now Open your eyes to a new day and bask in the treasures  you shall find <3

water silk

Sing of songs of happiness and love. Swing in joys of blissful sadness and dance in this colorful rainbow of life. Bask in existence and play in the splash of rain after the drought of years past. Play together we are happy and glowing, being together in this blissful change


Release all from your past and allow your self to be you in your entirety. Here and now this amazing cow shall graze these grassy hills tonight bringing friends and mornings might. Beautiful friends, tomorrows arc ~ This is the beautiful love of oceans love


Fish together, flowing in currents and striding in the waves, they flow together and act as one yet there is no number only being and  ________


an impetus


live my friends live and make most of your moments for this is the time of blissful change and beautiful creation beauty is here and being is you for today you shall love and love shall become new