A welcoming hand, fears creep in, confusion rising. The tides are here and feet are shifting.

Breathing, we resist and let go, the flow. accept this, for it is you. Friends welcoming us to follow through, though have they forgotten their lantern or have they learned their route? Taught so well, you have given them the sign. “guide me” the souls says as the body turns way


Friends of love and friends of compassion sent from the veil and calling us, hail. Hail us here, hail us now. we may fear the threshold yet we love the darkness. Comfort and freedom There is no right and there is no wrong merely let this happen and see this through. It may seem far yet your eyes are covered. Embrace fears hold for she is with you through and through loving and caring she shall bless you with change and freedom, wit and self freedom; she guides


Into the blues we fight, this love of us is here and now, gain this love of being free, having no hold on the next moment – only this one my friends. We face this, we love this, we release this, we pass this – we be


Let you become you and this will be

For wisdom is of the moving and flowing beautiful body


Hands dropping to your sides, love encompasses you, a new world has opened and whimsical __________ is abound <3

Love and be free for we are meant to be




11 thoughts on “blossom

  1. Hm … :)
    I know your secret. It is an old secret of writting. You just conect to the Supreme Sourse and let it to flow through your veins and from your veins. I did it a time ago … :)
    It seems you have powerful guardians :)
    Or maybe I am just fabulating :)

  2. I really liked your post, and the blog overall. Easy to read, calming and peaceful. Gonna punch Follow rightaway. Keep posting!
    p.s.: I’m kinda new here. Do you have any favorite blogs like yours you can suggest?
    Have a lovely day!

    1. Thank you, This photography is not mine(to check out these wonderful photographers please click on the photos) yet the literature is.

      Thank you so much for your support, it really means alot to me :)

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