Rainbow Gathering by Benoit Paillé


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  1. I have noticed that ussually you are shooting the subject in the center of the frame. Is this part of the story that the photo is showing to the viewer or it is just a unconditioned reflex? I have also realized that most of your stories (from photos) are beginning from the left to the right. Is this typical for you?

    1. Oh, this photo is not by myself. This photo is by Benoit Paillé. He is a wonderful photographer :) The link is at the bottom of the photo or you can also click on the photo itself :)

      Thank you so much for taking an interest in me friend, have a wonderful day <3

      1. Hmm, Yes. My friend has mentioned it to me and it has come across my mind once or twice since then :) I feel this is something i will do :)

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