A  Cradle of Mist surrounds you, waking – breath in these bulbs of water. Let them brush against your senses – awaken and welcome the morning mist. Ride these vibes like the wind, graceful and agile like a swan. Embrace this gentle cradle and feel the warmth. Like that of a mother stork be fruitful and loving. Bring happiness and shower yourself with peace.

focus now, close your eyes – ever so gently

As if you were standing or hovering above your physical companion, enter your crown and feel the warmth, the presence of now, make way for yourself

travel to your heart center and bridge the connection of earth and sky –  see the beauty created here  feel  it

Now let these energies clear away all that does not belong, do not force it  thank these energies for their presence and release from them in this present moment, gently let them float away as they are not of you

Now, allow your presence in your body to flow to where you are drawn to, take it in

grounding to the center of the earth

Imagine your presence here is flowing gently, fluidly sparking and freeing of all


This light is getting ever brighter as it expands


farther – beyond you body now



beautifully luminous shinning your light for all to see

beyond the stars in the sky, flowing like water

a beautiful celestial being


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