Morning Mist

Morning Doves of Morning’s Air, decide today to have the greatest dear.

State this aloud and state this proud for your wishes may land upon clouds. Land on a cloud, land on a cloud – all fall us to see, be proud!  Luminous being, strike us with feeling for you are one with all that is and all that, well . . . is

Create a day that you may say is one to be enjoyed today, shout hooray love this day for it is yours and yours I say

Be happy, be true and affirm to your self that this day is new, like the morning dew. Glide upon heartfelt actions and presence of self for you may find the true meaning is self ( or maybe it’s not )

What you find today is your’s to keep and your’s to decide so be happy my friend

Smile today and again I say make this day the best, for it is now

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