Gliding in Red

Tonight In tai chi, we finally began using the traditional fans. I was so excited and it seems to come more naturally after practicing the 24 movements. We began fist practicing opening and closing the fans and  with some focus I began to get it. I love the feel of popping it open then close :).

I felt very cool in a sense, yet more so that this fan was a reflection of a part of me. As if I had been waiting for this instrument so I can channel this part of myself through it. I guess you can call this my feminine energy. I just love fans!

The practice of this acted as a bridge to myself. My feminine energy that I so love to be in contact with. Like gliding on the wind, we flew with our fans. Truer and truer we grew with each twirl. Balancing ourselves back to square one – oh how I love life so

Now I see myself smiling every time I see a fan. My mouth making an arc as it glows with gleam. The beauty emanate the light of ones beauty, a natural flow

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