Open the Door for Happiness,fly away forever

Happiness is something that can be strung through our lives like the Christmas lights we string around our house every year or the feeling we get when we just have to dance in the confines of our own rooms because we’re afraid anyone will see us. Happiness is something that is often sought after but is often misunderstood.  This feeling that just arises within us, a blissful feeling that I and no other can even begin to explain, so why start now? What I can say though, is that happiness is something that can definitely be introduced into any situation as long as we are open to it. Open our minds and open our hearts for another moment of happiness, a continuous moment – one that can live on forever. So as you may be upset at one thing or another remember that happiness can always swoop into our hearts to save the day; all we have to do is send it an invitation :) I find great happiness in Harry Potter and as I allowed my mind heart and soul to be enveloped in the world of magic this weekend, I find all things possible.  Characters that I dearly love, crawling and exploring the very depths of themselves and discovering who they are and who they continue to be – themselves. And as I continue to be myself, I find happiness here. Loving the person I am as I wish you do. So open the door for happiness and in a moment’s time you will realize that your troubles are not here in this present moment but currently in the past, flying away forever

And with that I shall leave you with this .

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