Time doesn’t exist

Wouldn’t it be so amazing to never age? when you release from yourself the idea that everything is based upon time and open your mind to the possibility that it is not, you begin to realize some amazing things. For one lets talk about the planets or our solar system. We base our clocks and calendars upon the idea of revolutions around the sun. Did you ever wonder why the earth moves in a continuous circle though (okay not a PERFECT circle, but hey I’m no mathematician), and not in a straight line and just stop at some point forever? I mean in the sense of time and its relation to schedules, we must do everything at a certain point or we will never have that moment again, we must act now or forever hold our peace, or do we? What if one day, you realized that all you have is this moment right here, and this one here, and yes again – this moment right now. You could forever live in this moment right here and never move from it, never having to prepare for the future so the dark past of others doesn’t repeat it self for you. Enjoying life and yourself for who you are right now. That is a world you can live in, no scratch that, you do live in. A beautiful life filled with excitement and love. Not even the Yogis based their age upon time but the amount of breaths they took, you see the less breathes you take – the slower you age(Yes ; for you biology majors out there,  I know you knew that). They knew that slower and deeper breathing equaled longer life.  So if  next time, oh sorry I mean so if you feel stressed now for meeting your deadline maybe you can take a breather. Experience the sensation of your feet on the floor, your breaths in and out of your nostrils and realize that right now everything is okay and you – you’re alright.  :)

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